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Mad about the bling !

Mad about the bling !

Ewa Tribal Jewelry founder and designer Bianca Todorov is the definition of a world citizen. Her heart, mind & creative output draw inspiration from a history of experiences from all corners of the globe. An independant spirit is deeply embedded in the ethos & design of EWA Tribal Jewelry, making it a perfect match, we think, for the Eva's Sunday woman.

With a childhood partly spent in PNG, and then a decade-long career as a gallery owner in Ubud,  Bianca has a history of adventure and travel. She exudes a natural curiosity for people and place.

Zoe wears the Mendi Short Earrings, the Kapkap Ring, the Onyx Ring & the Chunky Stackings Rings In the top image Zoe is wearing the Kieta Earrings

When Bianca describes her customer it is all too familiar “I meet the most amazing women and have incredible conversations.  In a way I learn from them. They are teaching me how to live. They are all living in the now. These women  have had their children, their careers, and now they are living for themselves. Not in a selfish way, but in an inspiring way. They have no inhibitions, they are literally ‘we are who we are’ and we are going to wear amazing clothes, adorn ourselves in beautiful jewelry & put on red lipstick.  I think they are fantastic. These women are out there living their best lives & have become inspirational to my work." 

Zoe is holding the Bailer Earrings & wearing the Dot Motif Stacking Bracelets

EWA Tribal Jewelry has a distinctively timeless feel to it as Bianca pays no mind to current fashion trends. She goes with instinct, drawing on her world-wide inspiration. Constantly creating & constantly working, there is nothing standard about her creative practice.

Sometimes while combing through her extensive library even a small element will catch her eye and be transformed into a new piece. This process is ongoing and as organic as the work she produces from her beautiful Port Douglas studio. 

Zoe is wearing the Seim Luxe Earrings, the Onyx Ring, the Yamok Ring, the Big Bone Ring & a Chunky Stacking Ring.

Including the word 'Tribal' in the name of the business was significant. The word pays respect to her heritage, her influences and her deep relationship with Papua New Guinea where she spent part of her childhood and Indonesia where she lived and worked for a decade creating the EWA Tribal gallery with her mother Francesca. The jewelry is rooted in her own traditions but also her significant  ongoing relationship with tribal cultures and aesthetics from these incredible regions. 

Zoe is wearing the Kitai Earrings & the Kapkap Ring

“I was in Ubud for 10 years running EWA Tribal art gallery, with amazing pieces from our collection.  It was an almost perfect way to spend my 30’s. It was stimulating, it was creative, it was living completely outside of the norm and learning another language. I ran a non profit school in Bali to teach the girls conversational English, girls from farming backgrounds who normally drop off the education system. It was just incredible. I’ve had so many amazing experiences. Challenging ones, hard ones as well but all such valuable experiences”.

Zoe is wearing the Dot Motif Stacking Bracelets, the Aibom Earrings, the Big Bone Ring, a Chunky Stacking Ring, the Onyx Ring & the Yamok Ring

Bianca has now carved out a special niche in Port Douglas, with a large airy studio gallery space where life can move at a gentler pace, allowing for the free flow of creativity where Ewa pieces come to life.

This change of pace has been vital to her creative practice.  “After 10 years I think it was stimulus overload.  My body and mind required some time to centre so I knew it was time to come home.  I love Indonesia so much, we’re 4th generation Dutch Indonesian from Java. It was amazing but after 10 years Australia was calling.”

Zoe is wearing the Charm Earrings

As enviable as Bianca's wonderful life is we are hoping to tempt her down to Melbourne to visit the ES studio in 2023. Bianca isn't immune to big city charms “I love the culture, music, fashion and just being to wander down the little streets & lanes, get lost and find something fantastic.  Those types of experiences are given up when you go rural”.

Zoe is wearing the Dot Motif Stacking Bracelets, the Big Bone Ring, & two Chunky Stacking Rings

EWA Tribal Jewelry marries with the new Eva’s Sunday MoMo collection perfectly. The bold scale and organic shapes in silver add a touch of shine and glamor, just so beautiful against the palette of sand, cream, slate, antique black, white, checks and stripes. It’s the exotic look of a well travelled woman seeking independence and adventure at all stages of life. It’s as if Bianca has found a way to imbue her own personal ethos and history into each special piece of EWA Tribal Jewelry

Words by Ramona Barry | December 2022

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