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Linen Gauze Scarves are a WARDROBE HERO

Linen Gauze Scarves are a WARDROBE HERO

Eva's Sunday is no stranger to a great accessory (fabric flower brooch anyone?) and our new range of linen gauze scarves are a swoon-worthy addition to the range. Change a look, add some glam with a pop of colour, or just layer for extra warmth – whatever your reason, there is a divine palette of 22 colours to choose from.

Line Gauze Scarf in CLOVER

Our linen scarves run from cool neutrals – white, natural, and black all the way through to bold colours – rhubarb, marmalade and merlot. Colours have been chosen with multiple collections, both present and future, in mind. Our advice is to go with the colours that sing to you & resonate with your personal style. That way, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

Linen Gauze Scarf on POMEGRANATE

Don’t get too hung up on being ‘matchy-matchy’. A contrast can add that pop of colour in the same way a great lipstick or earring can. Our styling tip with this new linen gauze scarf range is doubling up scarves for a big colour hit. Here Zoe is wearing dijon & natural, a dreamy colour pairing. Chances are it will be the surprising combinations that bring you the most joy – all the more reason to invest in more than one scarf.

Mix it up with 2 Linen Gauze Scarves - this is DIJON & NATURAL

Here we have taken a styling cue from the lovely Lynda Gardener who has made a true art form out of head scarves. If a full head wrap is not your thing try this idea. Knotting the scarf on the side adds drama with length, creating a flamboyant take on any outfit.

Linen Gauze Scarf in WHITE

Elevate your look when you have that weird day-to-night dilemma (love that for you if that’s the case!). The beauty of these babies is that they can stay curled up in your handbag at work until needed – consider the linen gauze scarf an emergency styling superhero.

Linen Gauze Scarf in MELLOW ROSE

Starch and iron for a big pussy bow statement, divine in the mellow rose colour way shown here on Zoe.  So its quite simple really. A few key ES pieces and a handful of linen gauze scarves – did someone say ideal carry-on luggage?  We fully endorse using your scarf purchases to justify booking flights - this makes perfect sense to us.


Nic MacIsaac