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The Geo Slouch Bag

The Geo Slouch Bag

With the MoMo collection we’ve paid close attention to the details. We want you, the ES customer, to be able to polish every look to suit your style and make you feel amazing (wait to you see the new Momo scrunchies - talk about elevating a humble accessory!)

 We’ve loved bringing you the new shapes and colours and have been overwhelmed by the positive response. We’ve loved watching you all embrace different styles and our gorgeous elevated neutral palette.

Over 30 accessories are now showcased as part of MoMo but we admit to having a favourite!  The Geo Slouch bag is the must-have MoMo Collection accessory.

Designed in the ES studio, its beautiful textile origami construction has resulted in a perfectly executed bag. Fabricated in both portobello and sepia, the Geo Slouch is not just an accessory, not just a bag. Think of it as an additional and very special made-to-order garment that does triple duty: (1) It's practical - it is a bag after all and it can hold plenty! (2) It's beautiful which goes without saying, how sweet is that bow on the shoulder? (3) It's clever (did someone say hidden zip pocket and adjustable tie straps.

The Geo Slouch looks simple but serves up some special details. It is lined with the same gorgeous fabric as the exterior making for a seamless and polished look. There is no contrast lining or exposed seams to distract from the inherent beauty of the bag.

 The handle sits perfectly on your shoulder or tie the handle in a simple knot and there is enough to wear Geo as a cross body bag. Shorten again for a dramatic handbag look.

What ever the day, evening or weekend holds the Geo Slouch will add a touch of Japanese inspired whimsy to your look.  The Geo Slouch Bag is designed & custom made in Melbourne. Please allow up to 10 days for your Geo Slouch Bag to leave our Fitzroy Studio.

Dimensions of the body of the bag : 50 x 50cm.  Adjustable strap to the desired length.


Nic MacIsaac