L I N E N  L O V E

Our focus is on slow and sustainable releases. We are growing a forever wardrobe filled with linen layers in shades & silhouettes designed to be on high rotation year-round. All of our clothing is thoughtfully designed to mix, match & layer; each piece chosen to compliment your existing ES wardrobe and carry you through the seasons with ease.

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Linen + Denim

Relaxed styling inspiration, for the perfect everyday look.

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As Seen On

We love seeing our pieces in the wild! Tag us on Instagram @evassunday
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Now CUSTOM MAKING your favourite styles

custom made

Good things take time right?  Getting our "custom made" business ready to launch as been a little bit like that.  The idea has been swirling around in our heads for a long time and beleive it or not, COVID-19 has given us the necessary impetus to just make it happen.
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