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27 June 2019 | Staff Uniform Policy & Payment

Hello All,

Please take a moment to read over the FULL UNIFORM POLICY at this link as there are a couple of small changes.  The discount is now 60% off the RRP (instead of 30% off the wholesale price) - it basically equates to the same discount - the change was necessary as we are no longer calculating wholesale prices.  A reminder to please email your staff purchase to Kenya Quin and your payment details to Thais Barbisan.  Please pay your invoices within the 30 day time period. Last of all please make sure all items of clothing worn in store (excluding layer garments) are Eva's Sunday. Denim jeans are no longer permitted and nor are runners/sneakers. A dress shoe or boot is the preferable choice for footwear.

Thanks ladies xx

June 2019 | New Campaign to drive foot traffic to stores

We are running a campaign to get more customers into our retail shops. Every Victorian internet order will receive a postcard (refer image below) in their order with a discount sticker on the postcard - it is an incentive for the customer to visit a store and receive a 20% discount. 

1. Deb will be putting these postcards in all Vic internet orders

2. Store staff dispatching Vic internet orders will also be putting these in with the order.  Each store is receiving 40 stickers and Deb has the rest.  A total of 300 stickers have been printed.

3. If a customer comes into store to redeem the offer they must present and handover their postcard.  The code to use at the POS is OURGIFTTOYOU which will be set up to deduct 20% off full price ES garments.  

4. This offer does not apply to accessories such as brooches, neck ruffles etc and does not apply to non Eva's Sunday products.





3 June 2019 | Presentation of online orders

Hi Store Staff.  Just a quick reminder that when we send online orders from the stores it may be necessary to give the item a quick press if it has been squashed back into a plastic bag and stored in the backroom.  The garment below is the perfect example of something needing a press before it goes out.  I would hate to think of our customers opening their parcel and finding a crumpled mess like this.  I am sure you would all think to do this but I thought it was worth the little reminder.  Please make sure that the internet parcel you send also contains a black envelope and inside the envelope is the sales order, a postcard (with a handwritten note preferably) and the returns form. We want each and every customer to feel delighted each time they receive an order from Eva's Sunday.

27 May 2019 | Collecting Customer Details at POS

Hi Everyone I have just done some analysis on sales data from the 3 stores to determine how effectively we are capturing our customers details at the POS. Since 1 January 2019 here are the results: Beechworth 2%, Fitzroy 17% & Hawthorn 40%. 

So what does this mean?  It means that for every 100 sales done at the Beechworth store we are getting the customers details 2 times only. For every 100 sales at Fitzroy we are getting customer details 17 times and so on. We are missing out on incredibly valuable information and it is costing us in potential lost sales because it means that we are not staying in contact with these customers via our weekly email.  It is very important that we change this.  My benchmark is 50%. 

I am going to monitor this closely over the next month and there will be a $100 gift voucher for the staff member who gets the best result!! It is a level playing field whether you are full time, part time or casual because it is calculated off your own sales.  If you did 10 sales and got 9 lots of customer details you would hit 90%. 

Goodluck! I look forward to seeing an improvement in the numbers.

Nic MacIsaac x