Caring for Linen

When it comes to laundering linen clothing, hand washing or gentle machine washing is the best option - contrary to popular myth, dry cleaning is absolutely unnecessary.  Linen improves with age and use, developing a softer hand feel and becoming more absorbent over time.  

Linen is best washed in warm or cold water; avoid hot water to safeguard against shrinkage and fading in the case of dark or vibrant colours.

Before washing ALWAYS be vigilant about separating your colours.  Its our worst nightmare that someones new red t shirt finds its way into our whites & lights.  Heaven forbid!

If ironing is not a word in your vocab then we would suggest tumble drying your linen clothing on a cool setting.  Remove it from the machine while it is still a little damp, pop it on  hanger or lay it flat to dry. Over drying linen will make it feel stiff.

If you prefer to start the day crease free and ease your way into the relaxed look that is linen then we suggest ironing your garment while the fabric is still damp. Alternatively, use lots of steam.  If creases are stubborn try ironing both sides of the fabric.  In the case of dark coloured linen clothing iron on the wrong side of the fabric to avoid a shiny appearance.

Perfect for the Australian climate ...

 Linen absorbs moisture well and releases it quickly making it the fabric of choice in hot climates.  Air can pass through linen fabric easily, allowing the skin to breathe and avoiding that dreadful feeling of clothes sticking to your body.