Ask a Stylist

What can I ask my Stylist?

Ask a Stylist is your go-to resource for every fashion dilemma. Our Stylists are well trained in the art of fashion—they’re sharp, creative & naturally ooze style. Now you finally have direct access to them! 

In addition to asking a question whenever a fashion emergency (or simple question) arises, here are a few ways to use Ask A Stylist...


When You’re Unsure How To Wear Something

Browsing our Instagram & want to know more about an outfit or style? Not sure how to match something? Our Stylists are standing by to answer all your fashion questions.


When You Have an Upcoming Event

Have an upcoming vacation, date or reunion, for example? We’re here to help! Tell a Stylist what event you’re planning for or ask if something’s appropriate, and you’ll receive personalized, expert advice in a flash.


When You Have A Question About Sizing

New to online shopping? Our Stylists can provide you with guidance and specific measurements to help you make a confident decision every time.


When You’re In A Style Rut

Simply stuck in a fashion rut? Ask a Stylist how to try a new trend or mix & match pieces you already own. It’s the quickest way to refresh your everyday wardrobe! Need workwear recommendations? Simply tell your Stylist your office dress code & she’ll send inspirational outfit suggestions.


When You Need On-Budget Options For Specific Needs

"I need help finding the perfect dress for the Spring Races under $250".


Close By? Book An In-Store Styling Appointment!

Our 3 stores are located in Hawthorn, Fitzroy & Beechworth, Victoria. Contact us using the form above to book a face-to-face consult with one of our talented Stylists.