Perfectly Imperfect Dolls

The Eva's Sunday Perfectly Imperfect dolls embody the style, spirit and craftsmanship of the ES label - on a mini scale. Each doll is made by hand, individually dressed in styles reminiscent of our best selling garments using the glorious linens from across all of the collections. Will the next doll be a sweet lady in Liberty or a sassy woman in black? No one knows. They are all one of a kind with a unique personality, charm and outfit which evolves only as they are being hand stitched.  Unique, one off and all beautiful in a perfectly imperfect way.

A couple of points to note:
- Our dolls are handmade and therefore delicate, to be treated with care. 
- They are a keepsake to be admired as opposed to played with
- They are not designed to be undressed and some outfits are stitched lightly to the doll
- The dolls are approx. 57cm high

Order a customised doll
Would you like a doll in a particular outfit, a favourite colour or hair to match your own!!  Contact us about ordering a customised doll and name her yourself.  Please send an email to using the subject heading "Customised Doll". Customised dolls are $149.  They are the perfect gift for the Eva's Sunday loving woman.