Perfectly Imperfect Dolls


Our Imperfectly Perfect Dolls are meticulously hand crafted by Evas Sunday CEO Nic MacIsaac.

Nic just couldn't bear to part with the beautiful piles of scrap linen that were accumulating on the cutting table and found that making mini versions of iconic ES designs on dolls was quite therapeutic.
Will the next rag doll be a sweet lady in liberty? A sassy woman in black or a girl who loves her stripes and a pair of cute ballet flats? No one knows. Each doll is one of a kind and their personality, charm and outfit evolves only as they are being hand stitched.  
Because each doll is so special and delicate they are for gentle handling only. A cuddle will never be turned down but they do need to be kept safe and out of harms way so they can be preserved and passed down for generations to come.
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