The Story is Changing

The Story is Changing

Six months ago we made a really BIG change at Eva's Sunday when we closed down our wholesale arm.  After 4 1/2 years, the relentless cycle of running a wholesale fashion label wasn't sitting comfortably with us.  The pace was so fast, the risks were great and the passion that had ignited us from the start felt squeezed out.  There was a lot of noise but it wasn't a joyous tune. Something had to give.  We needed to change the narrative. Deep breath.


And that is what we have done. We went from supplying some 80+ boutiques in Australia and New Zealand with our label to drawing a line in the sand, turning our business on its head and pulling up stumps on wholesale altogether.  This had ramifications for all of the small businesses, run predominantly by women, that we had wonderful relationships with.  The vast majority were wonderfully supportive of this difficult decision.  Thank you, you know who you are.

The change wasn't felt overnight but as the months have passed we have been able to restore a sense of equilibrium into the day to day running of our gorgeous label and we are ready to share with you, our beautiful and loyal customers, the part that impacts you the most.

Eva's Sunday is re-basing its retail price point.  We have implemented a permanent reduction in prices of up to 30% on some styles. This is effective from now. Are you wondering how? Rethinking our operating model (closing the wholesale operation) and removing the "middleman" (clothing boutiques) has made this possible. Yep we know - it's pretty radical. It's not every day that your fave clothing brand makes an announcement like this.

So how will this story unfold? We think it will become an even lovelier read actually. We will continue to bring you stunning linen pieces including smaller production runs for added variety, hand-worked accessories, stunning homeware ideas (yes!!) and keep you in the loop with insights into what makes a small fashion label tick. There is lots of new product in the pipeline that we cannot wait to reveal.

We want to take this opportunity to say we are wholeheartedly grateful to the incredible women who support this label.  You are our daily inspiration and your love of Eva's Sunday is what makes the journey worthwhile for us.

Nic MacIsaac