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Gently Worn

Gently Worn

Introducing Gently Worn by Eva's Sunday

We have been busy behind the scenes getting this exciting new project off the ground. Are you curious? Scroll down for details & find out how you can get involved!



We have created a marketplace for Eva's Sunday garments that have been gently worn. This includes:

~ Styles from our Design Archive

~ Development Samples

~ Garments from photoshoots 

...and garments that have had a gentle first life & are now ready for a new wardrobe to call home. Keep an eye out for those pieces you might have missed the first time around!


Every ES garment is made with high quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, each piece intended to last a lifetime. The thing about linen is that it gets better with time. It is a durable natural material that improves with every wash, becoming more comfortable and soft as time goes on.



And this is "wear" you come in!

Gently worn is a platform for moving on the garments you might have grown out of, no longer wear or simply have no more space for...

​Amongst our amazing community of women we can find them an amazing second life.

Gently Worn will become a new section on our website... 
So everyone can take part.
You will be able to add Gently Worn garments to your cart like anything else in our store...
Which means you can Afterpay!



Here is an example.

You will email us with a list of garment names, their size, fabric etc.

We will respond and approve the items we are happy to list.

When your garment(s) are resold, you will receive a "Gently Worn Gift Voucher" for 50% of the value your garment is sold for.

The garment can be used at checkout in store or online at any time.

Click here for the fine print!

Would you like to participate in this new initiative?
Please email us at
​At the moment we are looking for sizes M and L but all enquiries are most welcome.


~ Snap up a style that you missed out on first time around ~
~ Keep clothes in wardrobes & out of landfill ~
~ Free up some wardrobe space but feel happy that your garment will have a lovely second life! ~


Remember to check back regularly as our listings will be constantly updated. x
Eva's Sunday