Fashionista Rag Dolls | Jess Brown

As lovers of fine fabrics and beautiful hand worked pieces is it any wonder we are thrilled with the latest addition to our Beechworth store?  Ten unique Jess Brown rag dolls have arrived from California, dressed to the nines and looking completely fabulous.  

They are adorned in fur, linens and liberty fabrics, handbags, headbands and all manner of accessories.  We are long time admirers of Jess Brown's handy work and it seems we are in very good company.  Jess Brown has collaborated with many high profile brands and designers and has been featured a ba-jillion times in mags such as Elle, Martha Stewart, Vogue, Paper Mache et al.

These lovely ladies are available for $225.  Please contact our Beechworth store for more details and to buy.

 May we introduce (from left to right Row 1 Jules, Hazel, Kat, Martha, Pip and Row 2 Misha, Pepper, Ruthie, Sandrine & Honeybelle) 

Nic MacIsaac