Now CUSTOM MAKING your favourite styles

Good things take time right?  Getting our "custom made" business ready to launch has been a little bit like that.  The idea has been swirling around in our heads for a long time and beleive it or not, COVID-19 has given us the necessary impetus to just make it happen.

custom made

And the reason for this? Manufacturing in Metro Melbourne came to a complete stand still during Lockdown Stage 4. Faced with this issue and a desire to continue bringing beautiful styles to our customers, we figured it was time to at least "test" the idea of custom made garments. Over the last 5 years we have gathered a stunning collection of fabrics, some in quantities not large enough for factory production but perfect for one off orders.

custom made

We have been delighted with the demand for this service and the sheer enthusiasm from our wonderful community of women - thank you very much to those who have wholeheartedly supported the initiative. This is the very definition of slow fashion.  We have even hired a new seamstress to help Sally with the workload. Please read on for further information about placing your own custom order.

custom made

Please contact Nic MacIsaac on 0419 159 732 to begin an enquiry

We like to start with a converstation, that way we can quickly establish what your requirements are style wise.  (Please note that we can do most but not all styles).  We will then chat you through the best fabric options and share swatches with you. 

Once you are happy to go ahead we set up a buying link for you on our website - this means that all of our payment methods including afterpay can still be used. The delivery timeframe is 4-6 weeks.
You will receive a phone call prior to dispatch and your package will be sent express post. It's as simple as that.

Nic MacIsaac