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Using AfterPay In Store

If a customer wants to use AfterPay in store we cannot put this through the POS, use the mini iPad to do an online purchase with the customer. (The customer can put the online sale through on their personal phone instead of our iPad if they prefer.)

Open up a Private Browser window by clicking the to overlapping boxes in the top right corner to open a new window then click ‘Private’ and then  ‘+’  (this means none of the customer's details will be saved). Search the ES website then add in the items they are purchasing to the cart, use the code ‘shipfreefromstore’ to remove the shipping costs if the purchase is under $300.

The customer will need to fill out their details as a normal online purchase and fill in their AfterPay details at the payment section of checkout. Add into the notes section of the purchase that it is an in-store AfterPay purchase.

Once the order is complete open up the computer and go into Trade Gecko, search the customer's name. Edit the order to change the shipping location to the store you are located then once the new location is saved correctly ‘Pack all’ and ‘Ship All’ it does not get shipped out by the warehouse.


Contact Deb Magnabosco at Myrtleford on 03 5751 1592 or Email her on Weekends with the customer name and order number and let her know the order was fulfilled in-store via AfterPay to confirm it will not be sent twice.

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