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Store Standards

Eva’s Sunday store presentation is of a high standard in keeping with the price point and quality of our garments. This should be maintained throughout the day.


Hanging Stock

  • All garments are to be evenly spaced on the hangers, in size order, with the front of the garment facing the door.
  • Waist ties are not to be tied around the garments. Instead, have any ties neatly folded over the hanger.
  • When hanging up bottoms, clip them onto the hanger evenly with the centre of the garment in the centre of the hanger.
  • Any buttons on a garment are to be done up.

On a daily basis:

Vacuum the store, this can be at the beginning or end of day.

Polish glass surfaced (mirrors and jewellery cases)

Tidy racks and merchandising throughout the day


On a weekly basis:

Vacuum the stockroom and kitchen areas

Stock replenishment and ironing


Things to do when the store is quiet

  • Tidy the counter drawers
  • Inspect all hanging garments to ensure it has a barcode and security tags on them (Security tags at Fitzroy only)
  • Jump onto our website and take a look - we can never have enough eyes across this. Check that the fibre content is listed correctly if all styles are listed in the corresponding category etc. If you notice anything that needs changing - email Shannae or leave a note in the communication diary.
  • Clean the inside of our windows
  • Wipe down shelves and hard to reach places
  • Replenish stock
  • Vacuum under the rugs
  • Conceal all swing tags
  • Wipe down plants leaves (they breathe through their leave and so dust will slowly suffocate them)
  • Inspect products for missing barcodes and print them out
  • Sew on buttons that have fallen off
  • Cut off loose threads on hanging stock
  • Check hanging stock for makeup stains (you might be able to clean this off with a baby wipe, if stain can’t be removed, put the garment into the stockroom to be washed.
  • Jump onto the Shopify website and take a look at their Blog - there is a lot of great resources.


Faulty Stock

Small things like button and makeup marks on garments should be repaired at your location. Transfer any garments needing to be cleaned to the ‘Laundry’ location so they cannot be sold online while in need of cleaning. If you have stock that is faulty and in need of being repaired contact Kenya Quin to assess the fault. You will need to do a stock transfer of the stock from your location to the ‘Repairs’ location with a note on what needs to be repaired. After contacting Kenya she will advise you on where to send the item (either to her at Hawthorn or to Myrtleford).

Third Party Products

You will need to familiarise yourself with the 3rd party labels in your store. These are the shoes, bags, scarfs, jewellery and other non Eva’s Sunday items in store. Learn about the label so you can adequately inform customers about them e.g. where they are made. Also, make sure you know if they have any special packaging and if so where that packaging is located.

Make sure if any items sell they are replenished if there are replacements out the back or that the is made presentable and tidy by remerchandising it if it looks untidy or empty.


Replenishing stock

Replenishment of stock should be done at least once a week or as often as possible.

Make note of any styles are that don't have at least two sizes represented. (room on racks permitted)

Check the hanging racks in the stock room - items for stock replenishment are often placed there.

Take a look at the website and check if there are any styles that are not out on the floor at all - these may either be sold out in your location or are in the stockroom needing to be put on the floor.

Iron all stock to be replenished and place onto the racks.

The Stockroom

While the stockroom is not seen by our customers - keeping this space clean and organised is imperative as it ensures that garments can be found with ease.

Each store has a different place for their stock so take note where everything goes at your location.

Hanging racks are not a place to keep stock for long periods of time as factors like dust and sunlight will cause damage to the garments. (relevant at Hawthorn and Fitzroy Only, Beechworth stock is stored hanging due to lack of space in the storeroom)

Hanging space is to be used for customer holds (please note that unless a garment is being held for an online exchange, holds (should last no more than 24hrs), garments to be repaired and garments for stock replenishment. All other garments should be put into plastic and put away in the shelving.

All the garments in the shelving are to be folded neatly and places in a sealable plastic bag. Each bag will have a label on it making note of the style name, fabric and size. Place each packaged garment into the designated area on the shelving with the label to the front so that it easily identified.

Do not place any garments back onto the shelving without a labelled bag - if you do not have enough time, hang the garment up in the designated hanging space.

The stockroom is to be vacuumed once a week.


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