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Store Procedures, Returns and Repairs

Greeting customers

At Eva’s Sunday, we pride ourselves on friendly and helpful customer service. Make sure to acknowledge a customers presence in the store so they know you are there to help if they wish. Some customers will want lots of assistance and others will not, you will be able to judge this. Since we do not carry all sizes on the floor let them know we can find another size for them if we have it available. If it is not in store you can look up on Trade Gecko the inventory and where it is to order in for the customer if they would like it (can be sent to store for pick up or purchased and sent to their address, shipping applies under $300).


Holds In-store

The 'CUSTOMER HOLDS' location is where all stores can transfer items that are on hold for a customer to make sure it doesn't sell online.
Please be aware of the fact that we will hold stock for customers for a maximum of 12 hours during a sale and 24 hours ordinarily.  Exceptions are allowed but the general rule needs to be that holding periods are limited because they prevent sales instore and online. If you personally transfer something into the location you will be responsible for transferring it out again in the required time frame. Make sure that you do not sell from the holding location but instead transfer the stock back to your store location. 

Any items put on hold that aren't transferred to the 'Customer Holds' location may sell online since orders are sometimes fulfilled by stores, we cannot guarantee a hold if we are low in stock so let the customer know the hold is only for in-store (If it is the last item in stock and sells online it will go to the online purchaser).

Hold items are kept hanging out the back in the storeroom in a designated area at each store and need to be labelled with the customer name and contact number or any necessary details if it for stock transfer, exchange or refund.


Customer returns happen from time to time, online returns are coordinated by Deb trough customer care but some customers may come instore to process the return. Follow these steps to process an exchange through the POS instore.


Faulty Stock and Repairs

Small things like button and makeup marks on garments should be repaired at your location.

Transfer any garments in store needing to be cleaned to the ‘Laundry’ location so they cannot be sold online while in need of cleaning (make sure you accept the stock transfer). Once cleaned don't forget to transfer back to your location.

Store Repairs

If you have stock that is faulty that you cannot fix in-store and in need of being repaired contact Kenya to assess the fault. You will need to do a stock transfer of the stock from your location to the ‘Repairs’ location with a note on what needs to be repaired (make sure you accept the stock transfer). After contacting Kenya she will advise you on where to send the item (either to her at Hawthorn or to Myrtleford). You will have a form that you can fill out with the repair details.


Customer Repairs

For faults returned by customers from orders, you will not need to create a stock transfer if we are repairing then returning the item to the customer unless they have returned the item to us. Please contact either Kenya or Deb to confirm what can be done to remedy the situation. You will have a form to fill out in-store if a customer brings in an item for repair. You will need to note their name, contact details and what is in need of repair.


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