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Stock Transfers

Creating a Stock Transfer

Stock transfers need to be created when you swap or take stock between the stores or Warehouse. A customer may want to come to try on an item that is not available in-store so you can order it in for them as an example or they will be created for stock replenishment.

 To create a stock transfer follow these instructions:

  1. In Trade Gecko select the ‘Stock Control’ tab and then the ‘Stock Transfers’ tab.
  2. Click on ‘New Stock Transfer’ and this will open up a new transfer form
  3. Fill in the details of the location the stock is coming from and the location it is going to.
  4. Search the styles for transfer making sure the size and colour are correct. You will be able to see how much stock your location and the location the transfer is coming from have available while editing.
  5. Add any note necessary (e.g. for the customer to try on) and then save the transfer.
  6. Let the location that the transfer will be coming from know so they can send it to you.

If the transfer is for stock replenishment at the store make sure when possible that the styles are separated out into Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Jackets etc to make it easier for the staff at the Warehouse to pack up the transfer. An easy way to check what you need to replenish is by using your POS and Clicking the ( i ) information button to see what sizes you are needing to top up in the store, some items may be sold out at the warehouse so cannot be replenished. The transfer list will also inform you of the numbers available in your location and at the Warehouse while editing it. 

Make sure you check your stock levels regularly and try not to overstock on items to make sure your stock room is kept tidy and isn't overflowing with one particular size or style. Stock replenishment should be done about once a fortnight or as frequently as needed. For the Central Melbourne Stores if possible time the transfer with Nic travelling between the Warehouse and Hawthorn to save on shipping costs, confirm with her or Deb if this will be possible.


Accepting a Stock Transfer

When you receive a stock transfer to your location check that all stock received are correct. if it is you can receive the transfer into your location, if not then make any necessary changes, save and then receive it to your location.

If the stock is coming from Myrtleford check if it has been barcoded or barcodes have been included, if not you will need to print barcodes for the items.

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