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NEW: Staff Discount and Uniform Policy

Sales Assistants must wear Eva’s Sunday when working in our retail spaces. We offer a generous discount incentive, as set out below. The staff discount applies to products for personal wear and is not transferable to family and friends. A family discount of 20% off the retail price of Eva’s Sunday full price garments can be used with pre-approval of Nic or the Store Manager.

Image is important to us. Helping women look and feel good is at the core of what we do. It is essential that this begins with our retail staff. Customers want to see how our garments are worn and how gorgeous they look. Your personal appearance plays a key part in the overall experience that a customer can expect when visiting one of our stores.

Uniform & Footwear

We understand that different garments suit different body shapes so we allow staff to choose their favourite pieces. Retail staff must be dressed in Eva's Sunday branded clothing head to toe when at work.  Non Eva's Sunday branded clothing is not to be worn in the store with the exception of layering garments such as turtlenecks and skivvies in the cooler months. The outer layer of clothing must be Eva's Sunday. Jeans are not to be worn in store.

Shoes must be un-scuffed, clean and in keeping with the look of Evas Sunday. Sneakers are not permitted at work.

Ordering and paying for staff purchases

Staff orders must be communicated to Deb Magnabosco in an email with a CC to Nic MacIsaac. Email the items you are purchasing with the location you have taken them from. A transaction will be set up on your behalf in Trade Gecko and you will be emailed an invoice by Thais on the following Thursday via XERO.  

When making a payment (paypal / cash / eftpos) please email Thais along with a photo of your receipt and the order number you are paying for. If your payment has been done via Eftpos or cash it must be noted on the end of day sales reconciliation sheet for your store. Staff are not permitted to add the payment to their order in Trade Gecko, this will be done by Thais on Thursdays, if you notice your payment hasn't been added to your order then email Thais with a reminder.

Staff have 30 days to pay for invoices in full.  Please be proactive about managing your own payments.   Regular weekly payments are acceptable - please ensure you communicate this with Thais.  You will be followed up when your account becomes overdue.

Starting Allowance and Discount 


Staff Category

Starting Allowance

Ongoing Discount

Full-Time Retail Staff


60% off RRP on Evas' Sunday branded product

15% off RRP of non Eva's Sunday product

Casual Retail Staff


60% off RRP on Evas' Sunday branded product

15% off RRP of non Eva's Sunday product

Office Staff


60% off RRP on Evas' Sunday branded product

15% off RRP of non Eva's Sunday product

  • Allowance can only be used on ES branded product
  • Allowance should be used to purchase an outfit ( e.g. dress or top and bottom to create an outfit)
  • Allowance amount is calculated after discount applies
  • Purchases through allowance will need to be organised through Thais.
  • Allowance is not transferable

Personal Hygiene

Our customers expect a high personal standard and good hygiene. Please ensure that fingernails are kept clean, neat and tidy. Chipped nail polish is not acceptable. Hair should also be kept neat and tidy. Bright hair colours such as blue, bright pink/ red etc are not acceptable. The use of antiperspirant deodorant is essential. A high standard of dental hygiene needs to be maintained.

Cosmetics / Jewellery

Wearing makeup is part of presenting a professional, polished image. Body piercings should not be visible except in the case of earrings. Failure to conform with the dress code/ uniform policy will result in a written warning and potential termination of employment.


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