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Receiving Stock Deliveries


  1. Print off stock transfer if not included with the package
  2. Open one box at a time and tick off the numbers against the transfer sheet and label all swing tags (barcodes may already be provided or on the swings already, make sure the tag is the correct size colour and style)
  3. After you have counted the box - remove styles to be ironed and merchandised onto the floor.
  4. For any garments that are in the plastic, package and label these ready for the stockroom
  5. Repeat for all the boxes
  6. Accept the stock into the system. Make any changes to the stock transfer that might be needed before receiving it by clicking edit. It is very important that this is accurate.
  7. Based on the numbers that have been received into the system print out barcodes for the swing tags if there are any missing or wrong.
  8. Iron stock for the floor
  9. Put away stock in the stock room. You may have to make room for new styles. 

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