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Processing a regular sale through Shopify POS

    1. Log in to Shopify using your personal 4 digit password 
    2. At the bottom of the page, there are four buttons: checkout, orders, customers and store. Select ‘checkout’ 
    3. Scan items with the barcode scanner or search the style name into the search bar (click the magnifying glass image to search). Note: if you found a style by searching, manually select the size (if applicable). Always make sure that you have selected the correct colour, as mistakes here will affect the stock levels. 
    4. Once everything has been added to the shopping cart, ask the customer if they are signed up to our customer base and if not, would like to be added to the mailing list. If the customer is already signed up then ‘Select Customer’ and search them by their name or email. To sign up also click ‘Select Customer’ and then the + in the top right corner, you can then fill in their details. Collect the customers' name, email and mobile (make sure that 'accepts marketing' is switched on).
    5. Click ‘Charge $ (total amount)’ at the bottom of the screen and ask the customer how they wish to pay (Cash or Card).
    6. If the customer says card use the EFTPOS terminal (or square at Studio)  and follow the prompts to complete the transaction,Once payment has been processed and accepted on the external termainal print out the merchant receipt, this will tell you if they paid by Visa, Mastercard or External Debit. 
    7. ..........that customers' receipt and attach it to their Eftpos receipt if paid by card.
    8. FOR STUDIO STORE ONLY: Select EXTERNAL TERMINAL for card payments then select the payment type (visa, mastercard etc) or select CASH.
    9. Select CHARGE.  Send the shopify receipt via email or text (if using text make sure the number contains +61 or it will not send)
    10. Now open the SQUARE app

Adding a discount to a purchase in Shopify

Scan in or search for the item on the Shopify POS and add it to the cart as a normal purchase.

Promotional sales will have a discount code that will need to be added manually by selecting ‘Add discount’. 

This will open up the discount screen,  selecting ‘Code’ you can then type the discount code in as given (if in capital letters will need to be typed as that). Then click ‘Apply’ to add the discount the cart. Using the code will automatically apply the discount to applicable items (items such as third-party stock or already reduced sale pieces may be excluded from promotions) 

Discounts can be added as a percentage or $ amount as shown in the left image above but doing these options add it to the entire cart, it is recommended to use a code so we can track how many are being used in the system easily and reduce the amount of items discounted that shouldn't be (e.g. accidentally discounting a sale item that is already reduced). You can individually discount an item by clicking it in the cart and then selecting ‘add item discount’.

 Commonly used codes:

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT SALE: every fortnight the designer spotlight changes, you can check the website to see what items are currently included, the code is DESIGNERSSPOTLIGHT (note the 2 S)

DISCOUNT ON SIGN UP: when a customer signs up to our mailing list we offer a 20% off code that is valid on full price Eva's Sunday garments (excluding accessories). The code is ESGIFT2YOU and can only be used once by the customer.

Taking Payment via EFTPOS terminal or SQUARE card reader

  1. Fitzroy, Hawthorn & Beechworth stores use the standard bank provided eftpos terminals
  2. The Albury store uses the SQUARE app and card reader. After completing the transaction in Shopify you must EMAIL the itemised receipt to the customer as there is no option to print this off in our store at the moment.
  3. Now open the SQUARE app to take the card payment from the customer. Open the CHECKOUT screen.  Enter the total transaction value and select CHARGE.  The SQUARE card reader will light up green, now ask the customer to tap, insert or swipe their card.  They may be prompted to enter a pin number.
  4. For a CASH payment select the amount given on the screen (??)
  5. A receipt will automatically print out of the EPSOM thermal printer - this is the customers copy. 
  6. Now print another copy off for our records.  Make a note of the order number and the customers name on this print out. These will be collated together and included in your end of day Sales Reconcilation Report. 

Processing over the phone purchases

From time to time we get customers who would like to purchase an item over the phone. Before processing the sale, determine that you have the stock available and that it is not committed to an online order by looking it up in Trade Gecko or by searching the stock on the POS, selecting the style then size and clicking the ‘i’ to see where the stock is located.

Make sure you get all the customers details: Name, contact number, Eftpos details, home address if shipping to the customer ($10 extra if under $300, $15 Express, over $300 is free regular shipping across Australia) and email address to send receipt and order confirmation to.

Processing a purchase over the phone is not unlike processing a sale in person - the only difference is the way that you take payment through the Eftpos Machine.

If the stock is available in your location you can process the purchase via the POS as normal. If it is not you will need to make your cart in the POS 'unfulfilled' or create a Sales Order in Trade Gecko for the location the items are in (more information on this here).

To take payment for the goods press the home button on the Eftpos Machine (the square button the middle), this will bring you to the ANZ Eftpos Menu. Scroll down and select option ‘Card Not Present’ then select the option ‘Telephone Order’, select payment option ‘Single’. Enter the amount for purchase. You will then need to then key in the card details supplied by the customer (card number and expiry date).

The Albury store cannot accept payments over the phone.  Do not lose the sale - pass it to another store for processing.

Gift Vouchers

Gift voucher can be used and purchased in-store and online.

Purchasing a Gift voucher in store

  1. Open up the Shopify POS App.
  2. In the top search bar search ‘gift voucher’ and click on the corresponding product.
  3. You will be given a number of common prices to choose from - however, it is more likely that you will need to create a custom amount.
  4. Click on ‘custom amount’ and enter in the value requested by the customer and then click ‘done’
  5. Now that the gift voucher is in the cart, you will be able to process the transaction as normal.


Using a Gift Voucher in store

To apply a gift voucher to a purchase you will need to add the items to the cart as normal through the POS then press charge, this will bring up the payment options. Select ‘Gift Card’ and scan barcode or type in the code manually.


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