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Procedure for Rolling Stocktake

To ensure that our stock levels are correctly listed in Tradegecko, we perform a rolling stocktake on a select number of styles each week, Deb will inform you of the styles to be counted. It is very important that when submitting a stocktake that it is accurate. The best way to do this is by:

    1. In Trade Gecko on the left-hand side menu click ‘Intelligence’
    2. Select the ‘Inventory Reports’ tab then click the box titled ‘Location’
    3. Type in your store location and search the styles you are wanting to stocktake in the Product box individually. Make sure to select the box titled ’Exclude out-of-stock products’ and then Update the report.
    4. this will bring up the stock that is in the system at your location. Press the download ‘CSV’ file button that will download an excel spreadsheet that has the stock in it.
    5. Repeat for other styles and open the downloaded excel files.
    6. Cut and paste the information to be in one document, you can delete the information on SKU, Total Items and Total Value as they are not needed.
    7. Stretch the rows so you can read the style names and sizes then print the file. (You may need to change the printing margin size and page orientation to landscape to print the file in your printer settings)
    8. Count stock in all locations: On the floor; Hanging in the window or on the mannequins; Lay-bys; Hanging in the stockroom; stock on the shelves. (Remember to count SMS stock separately if there are any). 
    9. Tally the numbers onto your sheet. (the easiest way is to use a different coloured pen to tally the stock on the floor to the stockroom so if you need to you can easily double check your numbers)
    10. If any stock levels are wrong, create a stock adjustment to accurately rectify the new numbers 

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