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NEW: Lay-bys on Shopify POS

Setting up a Lay-by in-store is now even easier, you can use the Shopify POS on the iPad like any other regular purchase instore with only a few small differences and steps. (This means we now have accurate sales numbers in Shopify as well as a record of the customers' purchase history though Shopify also.)

Setting up a Lay-by 

  1. Add the items to the cart as normal making sure sizes and colours are correct.
  2. Add the customer to the cart as normal by searching their name, if they are not in our system you will need to add them (get their name, email and phone number).
  3. In the top left corner of the cart there are 3 dots, Click this and a menu will open. Click 'Add note' and type: Layby *Store Location*.
  4. Select the 3 dots again and click the switch on 'Mark as fulfilled' to be white so it makes the cart unfulfilled (just like online orders) 
  5. As usual, calculate the deposit amount of the 20% of the total and charge the customer that amount, you can round up or down slightly to make it a "clean" number (as normal when paying by card process the payment on Eftpos or Square)
  6. Click 'Charge' at the bottom of the screen and select the payment type (external terminal or cash etc) once you have selected the payment type you can edit the price to be the deposit amount paid by clicking into the white box and backspacing the total and typing in the amount paid.
  7. Now click the Charge Button and it will process the payment to the order, the screen will tell you the amount you have added and the balance remaining at the top. There are two options at the bottom of the screen 'Mark as partial' and 'Add Payment'. Select 'Mark as partial' to finalise the order and confirm it on the payment incomplete notification.  You can now print the customer's receipt and email it to them if they wish. You will have a copy of our layby terms and conditions printed that you can give the customer along with their receipt.
  8. Print off an extra receipt for you to keep with the items on layby and store them in the allocated location in your store. Make sure the items are packed away tidily.

Contact Deb to inform her of the Lay-by instore so it doesn't get shipped accidentally.

Once the customer has gone you can go onto the computer and go into Shopify, search the order and make sure the location is set to the correct store (if not change it to your location by clicking on the location and selecting 'change location'). 

Look up the order in Trade Gecko and then click 'edit order' and write in the 'Reference' section Layby *store location* and then scroll down to the bottom of the order and in the 'Tag section add layby to tag it as a layby then save the changes. (Deb or Kenya will do this for Albury until they are set up with Trade Gecko in-store)



Adding a Lay-by Payment 

  1. In the Orders tab on the POS search for the customers' order by clicking on the magnifying glass and looking up their name. Select their order and it will show you their order information on the left side of the screen.
  2. Scroll down their order till you see 'Add Payment' you can then add in the payment as you did originally if it is a partial payment or fulfil the whole payment if it is the final instalment. In either case, print a copy of the receipt for the customer and email it to them if they would like a digital copy.


Picking up a Lay-by

  1.  Once the final payment is made you can get the items from the allocated storage location (they should already be folded and wrapped up neatly ready to go)
  2. You will need to go onto the Computer in Shopify and look up the customer's order (you will have a copy of their receipt stored with their purchase so it will be easy to lookup) and fulfil the order by clicking 'Mark as fulfilled' (make sure the location is correct) 

The order is now fully processed so is ready to go! All Done



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