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HR Matters


XERO is the software we use to submit our timesheet and leave, check our payslips and invoice all of our payments. Thais Barbisan will set you up with an account at the start of your employment with Evas’s Sunday. This can be accessed via their website https://login.xero.com/ or by downloading the Xero Me application on your cellphone.



Timesheet's need to be submitted before Wednesday at 6pm each week through Xero, with ‘Thais Barbisan’ as the approver. Failure to do this will result in pay not being processed until the next week. to add in your timesheet follow the instructions on Xero and fill  in the hours you worked for each day (select the correct earnings rate for each day worked e.g. Weekdays are at ‘Ordinary Hours’ and Saturdays are ‘Saturday Ordinary Hours' etc)



Under the Fair Work Act annual leave accrues progressively during a year of service on the basis on ordinary hours worked by Full Time Staff. Personal leave is the collective term used to incorporate the following types of leave: Holiday Leave; Sick Leave; Family/Carers Leave; Pre-Natal Leave.

You will need to seek approval for all types of leave.

For Full Time Staff apply through Xero with Thais Barbisan as the Approver. Please submit your leave request with as much detail as possible. Please also inform Kenya via email or text of your selected leave dates as soon as possible (even if it is months away) so she can set it into the rosters and organise cover. Best efforts will be made to accommodate leave requests. 

For Casual Staff please fill out the following form and send an image via text or email to Kenya for approval as soon as possible (even if it is months away) so she can set it into the rosters and organise cover (In the reasons secion you can leave a short description eg. Holiday out of Melbourne). Best efforts will be made to accommodate leave requests. 

Absence due to sickness or other leave that cannot be pre-approved must be reported in as soon as possible to Kenya so she can arrange cover and add the changes to the roster.

You may be asked to produce a medical certificate in the following circumstances:

  • For two or more consecutive days
  • On a day prior to, or the day after a public holiday
  • At any other time Eva’s Sunday, at it’s sole discretion, requests adequate proof of illness in respect of any period of sick leave claimed.

Medical and personal appointments should be arranged outside normal working hours wherever possible. Where this is not possible, appointments should be arranged at a mutually convenient time to you and the business.



Monthly rosters for the stores are posted online for easy access at:


Draft rosters will be emailed the month before by Kenya to your staff email (sometimes two months before if we have a few staff away), you will need to confirm any dates you cannot work with her so she can make any changes required and finalise the roster. Please inform Kenya of any pre-planned time off (eg holidays) as soon as possible so she can plan it into the draft and organise cover (even if it is months away so you make sure you have your time off approved).  Once the roster is confirmed it will be uploaded to the website link. 

If there are any changes throughout the month (eg. sickness or swapped shifts) please inform Kenya so she can apply them to the roster. The roster is used to cross-reference timesheets submitted for pay so need to be kept up to date.

You will have a link to this saved on your computer and iPad at work for easy access and you can bookmark or save the link to your personal phone or computer if you would like.


Email and Internet usage

You will be set up with a Gmail email account when you start at Eva’s Sunday (*firstname*.evassunday@gmail.com). Please check this regularly as all email contact will go via this.


Please limit personal calls to urgent or work related matters only . Do not sit behind the counter on your phone as this is very off putting to the customer (if you are bored please refer to the job list - there is always something that needs doing).

Personal mobile phones should be kept in your bag or staff room unless being used for work matters. Internet usage is for work matters only.

Use of the internet for personal use is not permitted. Personal computers are not to be brought into the store for use during the day - each store has its own computer. Petty Cash


Use of petty cash

Any petty cash expenditure will be made using the ANZ card kept at each location; Fitzroy, Hawthorn, Beechworth and Myrtleford. This bank account has been established for the sole purpose of petty cash transactions. This account will be monitored on a daily basis by our virtual finance department, Business Lighthouse.

In the store locations, this card is kept in the cash register. At the Studio this card is kept in the Accounting Dept by Thais Barbisan.


Permitted Uses of the Petty Cash Card

The card may be used for general supplies such as milk, tea, coffee, biscuits, toilet paper, cleaning products, flowers and small stationary requirements at the stores. This card can be pay waved. Amounts must NOT exceed $100 in a transaction. If a purchase over $100 needs to be made, please notify a full time retail staff.


Recording Receipts of Petty Cash

A receipt must be obtained for any expenditure put on this card. That receipt must be signed and the name of the spender written onto the receipt. This must be scanned to Receiptbank immediately. If you do not have access to the Receiptbank app then send a photo of the signed receipt to Thais Barbisan’s mobile 0438 722 690.


We have an Australia Post account, all postage and any other Australia Post expenses should go through this. The Account number is 7781077. If you use the last of a particular bag please be sure to replenish this.

For any questions about petty cash, reimbursement and recording receipts, contact Thais Barbisan at thais@evassunday.com.au


Workplace Health and Safety

Keeping our staff safe is very important to Eva’s Sunday. Accidents can be avoided if you:

Report any safety matters or hazards to your supervisor promptly.

Use safe procedures as you go about your work.

Do not use faulty or damaged equipment of tools.

Familiarise yourself with the location of fire extinguishers and exits in the case of a fire or emergency.

Assess the weight of objects requiring lifting. Use a trolley or ask another staff member to assist with heavy items.

When leaving the store each evening ensure all doors are locked and alarms are set.

When leaving the store for any reason during the day (e.g. lunch break or taking mail to post office etc) ensure the door is locked and a sign is on the door to indicate the amount of time you will be absent from the store for to inform customers. There will be signs in the store for this.


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