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Creating a Sales Order for Items Out of Stock in Your Location

If you do not have the stock available in your location you can either add the items to your Shopify POS and make the order unfulfilled or create an order in Trade Gecko. ( it could be a customer wanting a size or colour you do not have or an over the phone order etc) Either Option can be used but going through the POS keeps our statistics on sales more accurate so it is recommended.

Creating an ‘Unfulfilled’ Order on the POS

  1. Put the items requested in the cart as normal and add in the customer's details, you will need to make sure their email and shipping address is correct to send them their other items.
  2. In the top left of the Cart screen, there are three dots … select this and it will open a menu that says 'Mark as fulfilled', with the switch turned on ( this is set this way so the POS orders are always automatically fulfilled) turn off the switch so it becomes white.
  3. Click ‘Add shipping’ and add in the shipping cost if applicable to the order.
  4. Process the order as normal taking the full payment and giving the customer a copy of the receipt in person and via email.
  5. Open up the order on the computer in Trade Gecko and change the location to where the stock is to be shipped from and notify that store of the order.

You can create a split shipment in Trade Gecko if you can fulfil some of the stock from within your store by creating a ‘Partial Shipment’ and make one location your store and fulfilling the order as you would an online order and having the other partial shipment set at the other location unfulfilled by you. (alternatively, you can put the items you have in-store in a normal order through the POS and process the items out of stock in your location separately in the unfulfilled order)


Creating a Sales Order in Trade Gecko

  1. Open up Trade Gecko and select the ‘Sales Order’ tab on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Up in the top right-hand corner of the page, you will find a ‘new sales order’ button - click it. This will bring you to a new sales order page.
  3. If the customer is not in our system already, you will need to ‘create new customer’ - clicking this button will bring up a form for you to fill in, you will need the customers following information: Name, email address, phone number and home address (if shipping item to them).
  4. Make sure the location is set to the correct store, the price is listed as ‘Retail’ and the totals are set as ‘ Tax Inclusive’. The sale will need to be assigned to ‘ES Retail Store’.
  5. Search the style name to add it to the order. Make sure the colour and size are correct as this will affect stock levels if it is wrong.
  6. Once you have reviewed all the information and pricing is correct press ‘CREATE’ at the bottom of the screen.
  7. After the order is created you will need to ‘Finalise the order in the top right corner (before you do this you can recheck all the details are correct as it cannot be changed after this)
  8. Finally, you will need to select ‘Invoice’ on the order so you can add in the payment.
  9. To add a payment you will need to select the downward arrow in the invoices box.
  10. A drop-down menu will appear and under ‘Workflow’ you will need to select ‘Pay’
  11. A new box will appear titled ‘Create Payment’ you will need to fill out the details of the payment type (card or cash etc), amount (paid on the day), date paid (will automatically fill in) and then a reference (e.g. *store location* Phone Purchase). Once the details are filled in click ‘create payment’.
  12. Notify the staff member working at the location you have set the order that it is there to be shipped so they can send it to the customer.


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