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Completing Online Orders

Our online orders are fulfilled by our three stores as well as the Myrtleford Studio. These should be checked regularly throughout the day and completed as soon as possible. Deb will often notify you if she has pushed online orders to the stores to be shipped.

  1. Open up Trade Gecko on the store Laptop and select ‘sales orders’ on the Left-hand menu.
  2. At the top of the sales orders page, there are a number of tabs. Select the tab that corresponds to your location this will say *location* online orders to ship’
  3. Click on the order and print out two copies of the sales order (one for the customer, one for store record)
  4. Gather the stock to be sent and remove any security tags or plastic packaging. Make sure the colour and size are correct and that there are no faults in the garments.
  5. Fold up the garments tidily and wrap in tissue. Include in an envelope one of the sales orders, a copy of the returns policy and a postcard (preferably with a handwritten note to the customer on the back).
  6. Put the package in a post bag with the supplied customer details for the shipping address.
  7. Put a copy of the Tracking number on your sales order to file away as a reference with your name and the date sent written on it.
  8. Once the order is packed up go to the ‘Shipments’ box and select ‘pack all’
  9. Select the shipment (e.g. Shipment #1) and the ‘Edit’ button on the order to add in the shipping details of Courier, Australia Post and then typing in the tracking number (don't put in spaces for the tracking number).
  10. Once this is done you can select ‘Ship' or 'Ship All’

All Done!


Split Shipments

Split Shipments are done mostly the same, you will be notified by Deb the dispatch coordinator if you have a split shipment to send from your location. Follow similar steps above but apply these small changes: instead of selecting ‘Pack All’ and ‘Ship All’ you will need to select your assigned shipment as the order will already be packed in the system (e.g.. Shipment #2). Instead of the Sales Order print two copies of the Packing Slip so it shows the items that you are shipping form your location. To ship the items click the downwards arrow and ship the order individually from that menu or click the shipment and press 'Ship' in the top left corner of the screen.

Any questions regarding shipping contact Deb Magnabosco at Myrtleford on 03 5751 1592


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