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Barcoding (updated 22 July 2019)

Printing Barcodes

To print barcodes using the Shopify App you must be using the CHROME browser - not SAFARI. You must also be logged into Shopify on a laptop - not the ipad.

Open Shopify, go to the products tab then search for and select the item(s) you wish to print barcodes for by ticking the box beside the item. Then click the ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Print barcode labels’. 

This will open up a screen with the items you have selected shown. 

Select the barcode size (e.g. it is large for the ES garment tags).  Using the arrow beside the product, select the number of barcodes you require for each variant.

Click the print button and then select the DYMO Label printer.  The paper size which corresponds to our large labels is 30252 (Large Address).

Assigning barcodes to new products

To assign barcodes to new products in Shopify go to the ‘Products’ section and click ‘More actions’  and then ‘Create barcodes for all products’.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that ‘Create barcodes only for products or variants that don’t have barcodes yet’ is selected as this will create barcodes for only new products. Do not replace the existing barcodes as this will mean we have to reprint every single barcode for each product again.


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